Set in the rugged landscape of coastal Newfoundland and the spectacular ranchlands of Southern Alberta, “In The Same Boat” is an intimate portrait of one of Newfoundland’s last remaining inshore cod fishermen and Alberta’s Family Farmers as they struggle to save their traditional lifestyles.

Running Time – 32 Minutes

One Page Synopsis


3 responses to “About

  1. I am very interested in seeing your film! I am working on curriculum for Fisheries to Schools in the Pacific Northwest, this would likely be a wonderful addition for students to broaden their horizons. Will you be showing it in Portland, OR? Will it be available to view on line?

    Thanks for your help and work!

    Monica Cuneo

    • Hi Monica!

      The doc was finished last week! It has its first screening last night. And it went well. I am now in the process of figuring out where it will be screened. I will email you at your address to tell you more! Thank you so much for connecting! Rachel

  2. Hi Rachel! It was honor and pleasure to attend the screening of In the Same Boat along with many of my family members in the Watmough Clan. Your eye for great shots provided some beautiful moments in the film. Your great sense of humor brought a smile and chuckle to all who watched this thought provoking documentary. I for one have made a personal pledge to start asking more questions about the food I eat, to start reading ingredients more carefully and to support locally grown food more. Thank you for making this important film. My family members and I are thrilled to have a little piece of our history on screen!


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