Premiere Screening of In The Same Boat!

“In The Same Boat” premiered on October 15th at the Food For Thought Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

Food For Thought

I could not have imagined a more appropriate event for the documentary’s premiere.

Food for Thought, paired local farmers with local restaurants in Calgary. When you walked into the door you received a plate and went to various booths and tasted the delicious food! There was an opportunity to talk to local producers, and chefs. After we all had full and happy bellies, the documentary screened.

I was delighted that the Watmough family, the farming family highlighted in the documentary, was able to attend the event.

After the documentary there was an engaging discussion – which included the Watmoughs. This was an open forum, it allowed people to understand the challenges that out food producers are facing, and what we can do to alleviate the problems.

I was able to come in from Halifax to Calgary for the event through the generous support of REAP Business Association, Swizzle Sticks Salon Spa, Community Natural Foods and Hotel Alma. (A special thanks to Stephanie Jackman of REAP Business Association is in order!)

This event gave me hope. We have many challenges in our food systems, but presently these challenges are solvable. We have to slightly shift of our values, make sure we know what we purchase at grocery stores, and take an interest in our local food producers.

In the documentary Norm Watmough says, “The important things in life are a good supply of food, and a good supply of water.” No truer words have been spoken, after we have good food and water, everything else we have in our lives is a bonus.

We can decide the type of future we want, and hopefully we decide that it is one with good quality locally produced food. It is up to us!



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