Three Quarters of the Way to the Goal!

The support is overwhelming! Thank you so much everyone. I am delighted to have met so many people from around the world who have an interest in this subject.

I wanted to share part of a heartfelt email I received from Mike, a former commercial line-fish fisherman from South Africa –

…hopefully, the situation may change in future years, and maybe my great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to live a healthy and satisfying life in the fishing industry should they so choose. For me, I am glad I had the opportunity…..(to fish)

The really sad thing is those who do the most active damage using poor fishing methods and over-exploitation are the large operations with massive lobby groups and legal budgets, and so continue un-shackled. The true fishermen and farmers who have a love for their lifestyle and are closest to the situation are powerless and go unheard. Your video gives all of us a voice.

Mike also linked the trailer to his website

Thanks everyone! Please check out the kickstarter link here!



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