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Right out of the gate – Winner Best Documentary!

“In The Same Boat” won for best documentary at the 2011 Silver Wave Film Festival in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The Silver Wave Film Festival is a wonderful festival. There is a vibrant and talented community of filmmakers in New Brunswick, all of whom welcome you with open arms to their province. Thanks to the New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-op and the organizers who work tirelessly to make the festival run smoothly. The saddest part is leaving the festival, but – I hope to be back next year!

Thank you to everyone this summer through Kickstarter who helped in the final push to finish the documentary.

A huge thanks to composer Duane Andrews for believing in the documentary from the start! And to Shannon Elliot for making the amazing poster that everyone loves!

And thanks to the families that are in the documentary. Without our local food producers we can’t eat local. Visit your farms, your fishermen, ask questions and then buy local!

2011 SWFF Award Winners

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Premiere Screening of In The Same Boat!

“In The Same Boat” premiered on October 15th at the Food For Thought Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

Food For Thought

I could not have imagined a more appropriate event for the documentary’s premiere.

Food for Thought, paired local farmers with local restaurants in Calgary. When you walked into the door you received a plate and went to various booths and tasted the delicious food! There was an opportunity to talk to local producers, and chefs. After we all had full and happy bellies, the documentary screened.

I was delighted that the Watmough family, the farming family highlighted in the documentary, was able to attend the event.

After the documentary there was an engaging discussion – which included the Watmoughs. This was an open forum, it allowed people to understand the challenges that out food producers are facing, and what we can do to alleviate the problems.

I was able to come in from Halifax to Calgary for the event through the generous support of REAP Business Association, Swizzle Sticks Salon Spa, Community Natural Foods and Hotel Alma. (A special thanks to Stephanie Jackman of REAP Business Association is in order!)

This event gave me hope. We have many challenges in our food systems, but presently these challenges are solvable. We have to slightly shift of our values, make sure we know what we purchase at grocery stores, and take an interest in our local food producers.

In the documentary Norm Watmough says, “The important things in life are a good supply of food, and a good supply of water.” No truer words have been spoken, after we have good food and water, everything else we have in our lives is a bonus.

We can decide the type of future we want, and hopefully we decide that it is one with good quality locally produced food. It is up to us!


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Offline Edit Delivered!

This week the final pieces for the documentary started to gel. I delivered the video files to 902 Post Inc for colour correction, and audio files to Cory Tetford for the sound mix. Duane Andrews has roughed out the music. Duane has a talent for taking the essence of a story and using that essence to create another level of the story through music. One of the pieces reminded me of a wistful sigh. The poster done up by the incredibly talented Shannon Elliot was also finalized this week!

In The Same Boat Poster

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Fundraiser was a success!!!

I am excited to report that the fundraiser for the documentary “In The Same Boat” is officially successful!

Thank you! Thank you, so much for backing, passing on the link, sending positive vibes and lovely inspiring emails!

I am super excited! Thank you so much!

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In a few short hours we went from 71% funded to 82% funded! I am getting excited about completion of the funding!

Thank you!

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Three Quarters of the Way to the Goal!

The support is overwhelming! Thank you so much everyone. I am delighted to have met so many people from around the world who have an interest in this subject.

I wanted to share part of a heartfelt email I received from Mike, a former commercial line-fish fisherman from South Africa –

…hopefully, the situation may change in future years, and maybe my great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to live a healthy and satisfying life in the fishing industry should they so choose. For me, I am glad I had the opportunity…..(to fish)

The really sad thing is those who do the most active damage using poor fishing methods and over-exploitation are the large operations with massive lobby groups and legal budgets, and so continue un-shackled. The true fishermen and farmers who have a love for their lifestyle and are closest to the situation are powerless and go unheard. Your video gives all of us a voice.

Mike also linked the trailer to his website

Thanks everyone! Please check out the kickstarter link here!


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Half way to the goal!!

It is exciting to be half way to the kickstarter fundraising goal!

Thank you to everyone who has supported. Everything helps, the tweets, the facebook updates, the blogs, the backing, the coffee shop talks!

Since starting the Kickstarter campaign, support has flowed in from Australia, South Africa, the United States and Canada. One of my favorite restaurants in Halifax, NS – The Brooklyn Warehouse, said that this documentary brings to light what everyone is striving for! They also placed the trailer on their blog!

I have put another excerpt from the documentary on kickstarter! Please check it out when you have a chance!

Thank you again! Rachel

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This facebook post made my day!

Amanda is a person who is full of life and joy and love! Thanks Amanda!


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Local Cheese

I am sitting here eating local cheese from the Halifax Seaport market – and delighting in its absolute perfect deliciousness. Local food is important, for so many reasons, but the most obvious one is – it tastes so darn good!


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